Riding My Bike (ft. mUsa)

by oOze

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(I always keep that)
Jamaican tucked i be making a buck
drank from a cup got the dank in the dutch
they thanking us cause the language we bust
is painting stuff without a paint brush
I ain’t fuckin wit the lame stuff

flying over head while you stuck in a ya lane
buck ya brain throwing bucks in the rain
puffin strains saying stuff that is strange
nothing to explain what the fuck do I say
to make the deaf hear through they left ear
I left for years you can ask several peers
my mental's to be feared
off the top if no pencils near
the sentence seared in a senators ear
the message clear theres a messenger here
I switch the gears for the fiscal year
while I disappear who shot ya ?
no disses here only missiles steer
I’m in your Miss's ear she said
she that “I miss U dear”
while I steer I missed the deer
through the mist I appear
In a different year I’m distant weird
fucking her mind put my dick in ear
what’s the time I ain’t physically here
none of ya rappers is lyrically here
so I’m killing you where you stand
beware of the man I’m wearing hands
while I’m tearing the land
impaired of grams gotta carry the fam


released May 10, 2016
featuring mUsa:



all rights reserved


oOze South Brunswick Township, New Jersey

Hi my name is Jaimin Patel I like making music

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